A comprehensive colormap style guide

Say you’re writing a scientific paper, and you need to plot the geographical prevalence of a gene. Or a snapshot of the phase-space particle density in a PIC simulation. Or the measured temperature along an array of thermocouples as a function of time. In such contexts, our ancestors have long turned to the humble pseudocolor … Continue reading A comprehensive colormap style guide


How to make a TypeScript webapp in IntelliJ without frameworks

This post outlines how to create a webapp with multiple files and third-party dependencies in TypeScript without relying on Node or Require, using the IntelliJ IDE. For such a seemingly simple task, there is a dearth of useful tutorial material online; most TypeScript guides assume a level of familiarity with JavaScript that I don't think … Continue reading How to make a TypeScript webapp in IntelliJ without frameworks

Rescriptivism: the new school of linguistic thought

If you've ever heard (or been a part of) an argument on the finer points of english grammar that's stretched on long enough, you've likely heard the words "prescriptivism" and "descriptivism". For those who haven't had the pleasure, these are the two main schools of linguistic thought, which often butt heads when the unsuspecting pedant … Continue reading Rescriptivism: the new school of linguistic thought

A survey of international auxiliary languages

Disclaimer: since creating this table, I have become involved heavily in the Pandunia language. I haven't edited it very much since then, but be warned that my bias may affect the presentation somewhat. The plan is simple: construct a language that's easier to learn than any natural one, and get everyone in the world to … Continue reading A survey of international auxiliary languages

Introducing the Danseiji Projections

This post outlines work that is described more thoroughly in the article "Minimum-error world map projections defined by polydimensional meshes", which has been published in the International Journal of Cartography. If you want the full technical details and can't afford to get around the paywall, you can read the preprint here: Minimum-error world map projections … Continue reading Introducing the Danseiji Projections

Oltilip: an international auxiliary language

Disclaimer: Please do not actually learn this language. I created Oltilip to satisfy my personal desire for a language that I thought was optimal. I publish it such that those who are interested can see my ideas and potentially gain something from them. However, were I to actually push it as a contender for the second language … Continue reading Oltilip: an international auxiliary language

Magnetohydrodynamic simulations in COMSOL Multiphysics

If you don't know what magnetohydrodynamics (henceforce "MHD", because I'm boring) is, this is basically all you need to know. If you don't know what COMSOL is… this. In all seriousness, though, MHD is basically just Euler's equations for fluid flow generalised to a highly conductive fluid where Maxwell's equations also apply. It has a … Continue reading Magnetohydrodynamic simulations in COMSOL Multiphysics